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DIY – do it yourself! We often encounter these three words in everyday life and I also tell my friends all the time: Well, just do it yourself! But what exactly is this phrase supposed to tell us and where does it come from? 

According to Wiki, the term „Do it yourself“ (DIY) is used to describe activities that are carried out by non-professionals without the direct help of experts. The term DIY therefore covers a wide range of skill sets, describing a self-made-culture of designing, creating, customizing and repairing items or things without any special training. DIY has grown to become a social concept with people sharing ideas, designs, techniques, methods and finished projects with one another either online or in person. In a business context, DIY refers to maintenance activities and the home improvement sector.  My personal DIY behavior is mainly triggered by designing, creating, knitting and customizing items, since I’d rather leave the repairing of things to the professionals.  This by the way also applies to me when knitting. I can be pretty impatient at times and to me there is nothing worse than having to realize that I’ve made a mistake in my knitting. Thank God,  I am blessed with an Expert-at-Knitting-Mom, who is always happy to frog my knitting and to correct any made mistake with unwavering patience and love. 😅

The DIY or “Arts-and-Crafts” movement emerged in the 19th  century in Great Britain as a countermovement to industrialization and then quickly spread through the North American population across the world. Follower of the movement were all about creating things with their own hands and enjoying the natural beauty of self-made things. Arts and craft were supposed to be reunited again. In the 60s and 70s, however, the driving force of the movement was the idea of self-realization and a new born trust in one’s own abilities. Supporters began to fight against mass production and mass culture by claiming to be self-made. Today’s DIY movement can be seen as a cultural reaction to a digital society. Because we are living in a world full of technology and distractions, doing things ourselves is a great way to escape the stress of everyday life and to fully immerse in an activity in the here and now. 

Why I am so passionate about doing things myself? I just love to let my creativity run wild, try out new things and  create exactly those unique products and pieces I like. When I create something with my own hands like turning a piece of string into something I can wear or blending together the ingredients for my Aloe Vera Shampoo or mixing up a homemade lemonade, I know exactly what it is inside. No additives needed! Not only is this good for my physical health, it’s also brings me lots of happiness, fun and joy. 

Try it for yourself or join one of my creative DIY events.


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